Prosthodontics (Replacing Lost or Missing Teeth)

When all teeth are missing in the dental arch the most common way to replace them is by making a full removable denture. Most people are able to wear & use their dentures successfully. However with time, many people have more difficulty wearing their dentures. This may be the result of: continuing bone loss within the jaws; an unfavorable dental arch form; a dryer mouth because of decreasing salivary flow due to medications and/or aging; or the denture just being worn down. Often refitting (relining) or replacing an old denture with a new one can be helpful.

For some patients, dental implants can make a world of difference in their ability to wear dentures. Implants can provide the stability, retention & increased biting force patients need to restore self-confidence & comfort. Consider asking about converting your denture into an implant-supported denture.

A removable partial denture is made to replace missing teeth when only some of the teeth are missing from the dental arch. There are many different types & designs of removable partial dentures. The optimal design will depend on the number, condition of, & which teeth are still present. Dental implants can also be utilized to retain & support a partial denture.

When only one or a few teeth are missing, a fixed partial denture or fixed bridge can be made to restore the dental arch. A fixed bridge is permanently attached to either the adjacent teeth or it can be supported by dental implants. Because it is not taken in & out like a removable denture, the fixed bridge is easier to clean, more comfortable & feels more natural.

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