Extractions (Oral Surgery)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove teeth. Simple, straight forward extractions can often easily be accomplished in our office under a local anesthetic. This would include teeth that can no longer be restored due to extensive decay or cracks that involve the tooth’s root, teeth with severe bone loss as a result of uncontrolled gum disease, retained root tips, or baby teeth that sometimes develop problems during their exfoliation.

On occasion, it may be necessary to refer a patient to an oral surgery specialist. Patients diagnosed with impacted teeth, more complicated extractions, a significant medical condition or when a general anesthetic is indicated, would be referred to an oral surgeon for treatment. We have a great professional relationship with all the area specialists & will provide you with a recommendation. In addition, the doctor will prepare & forward a referral letter to introduce you & to explain the diagnosis, requested treatment & any treatment concerns. Appropriate radiographs would also be forwarded for you.

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